Let's get acquainted. Our names are Sergey and Elena, we have been collecting Cuban postage stamps, KPD, whole things and other near-philatelic items for many years. 

All products shown are 100% genuine and in most cases we purchased ourselves in Cuba. Good relationships and close communication with Cuban philatelists help us to provide low prices and the widest range of Cuban philately on sale in Russia, Europe and the World.

As your colleagues, we perfectly understand all the fears and risks of remote purchase of material, have analyzed many orders and offer very advantageous offers:

  1. Changed my mind - within a year, the return of goods without explanation.
  2. Be the first - you can know in advance about the appearance of new products and redeem even before putting up for public sale.
  3. I want a discount - we initially maintain the lowest prices. Regular customers, who are you too, can be provided with an additional discount.
  4. I also want - we maintain relations with the philatelic club of Cuba and we will try to find positions that are not currently in our assortment.
  5. Something special - the rarest and most interesting things can be profitably purchased at auctions in which we participate, representing both your and your interest.

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